Park People supports and mobilizes community park groups, community organizers, non-profits, park professionals and funders who activate the power of parks.

Through Canada-wide and city-specific programs and events, funding, resources, research and professional services, they help realize the power of parks to build strong communities, healthy environments, and resilient cities.


Date: June 21-23, 2023
Venue: Canoe Landing Community Recreation Centre

After a virtual event in 2022, park professionals, community park group leaders, non-profits, and municipal staff met again in-person for the 4th National Park People Conference at Canoe Landing Community Centre in Toronto, ON.

The bi-annual conference returned with lots of activities and enthusiasm from both the Park People team and their attendees. The three days of excitement included sessions and workshops, offsite park tours led by local experts and community leaders sharing the practices behind their innovative projects, a sunset reception on the Toronto Island, and an evening celebration at The Bentway Studio. Full of valuable content and joyful interactive activities, attendees left feeling inspired and empowered.

Park People also offered a special lunch from Inwit Solutions, continuing their sustainability mission through delicious waste-free lunch boxes and keeping 991 single-use items from ending up in a landfill. 

WEBSITE: https://parkpeople.ca/