About Us

At LOMA Marketing Agency, we know that your events are about more than throwing a great party—they’re opportunities to build brand awareness, generate new business, and engage with your customers and target audience.

Events can and should be strategic, creative, and yes: fun! They should also provide companies with a return on their investment.

Together, we’ll work to create a holistic strategy for an event that meets the strategic, creative, and experiential goals for organizations of any size and in any sector.

Our Values

All of the Forest, All of the Trees

All of the Forest, All of the Trees

From the big picture to the tiny details that bring your event to life, we’ve got you covered.

In it Together, Win it Together

We share your vision and your goals, your ups and your downs. Your success is our success.

Memory Makers,
Chaos Coordinators

We infuse meaning into everything we do, always staying one step ahead, and leaving your attendees with a lasting impression.

Lead with Heart,
Create with care

We prioritize the project as well as the people behind it, fostering strong relationships between our teams and the clients and communities we serve.

Savvy Thinking,
Strategic Planning

As experts with a breadth of knowledge and trusted partner network, we have a winning playbook that delivers results every time.